Push Hands Partner Needed in Kentucky

Push Hands Partner Needed in Kentucky

Postby Wushuer » Tue May 20, 2003 4:24 pm

Looking for a push hands partner, or partners, in the Lexington/Frankfort/Louisville area of Kentucky.
It does not matter which style of TCC you practice. I practice both Wu style and Yang Cheng Fu style TCC and I can adapt easily to any style.
Looking for someone who has completed at least one form of any recognized style of TCC or is close to it. Experience in push hands helpful, but by no means necessary.
I will be glad to train, if necessary, anyone and everyone who is interested in pushing hands and then applications training if desired. I have seventeen years experience in TCC, ten years experience in training beginners and intermediates at push hands and Wu family forms and martial applications.
I am, however, seriously out of practice at Push Hands because I have no partners to practice with regularly.
Would like to get together at least once a week, weekends and most weeknights are open for me.
We can practice at my home if no other location is available or convenient.
Please reply to me on this board or to my e-mail address (Wushuer@hotmail.com) if interested.

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