Tian Family training trips.

Tian Family training trips.

Postby Richard Dunn » Tue Jul 19, 2005 11:54 am


About 30 miles (and two hour crowded bus ride) south of Shanghai (but now almost part of the greater urban area) is a now defunct old communal (collective) farm called Shin Guo Farm (really a small town now) where Master Tian Yin Jia and his family were sent during the cultural revolution. This is where he and his now deceased and much missed wife brought up their son and daughter in a very small one up one down terraced cottage. It is empty now but is still retained by the family for sentimental reasons. There are relics there of the old training and some of Tian Zhao Lin's (adopted son of Yang Jian Hou, 2nd generation head of Yang Family) weapons and effects are still stored there. To hold and try to wield Tian Zhao Lin's Dao and Jian was awesome and a privilege. Seriously HEAVY!!

Arrangements are being made for training trips to Shanghai for both Large and Middle Frame levels of skill and development. These will be made generally available, but a Large Frame one must be done first for them to assess level. It looks like prices will be very reasonable. From UK flights are cheap at the moment, booked on line at £350 to £370 return, due to competition between BA and Virgin Atlantic. A good hotel room is £20 per night (if shared £10 each). Yao Guo Qing (Master Tians #1 tudi or primary student) will be doing the training, but Master Tian will be involved in assessment. One week including 5 days training seems to be the best compromise. So depending on available cheap flights £500 to £800 seems to be the benchmark parameters. This is not just for UK Tai-Chi students, but is available world wide, but in that case you must assess your own travel costs.

I am currently going to try to put together two groups of 6 (a good number for the venue and individual as well as group training) to go out for Large Frame training and assessment, one in October this year and one in March 2006. Also for UK students I am available to demonstrate the parts of the training that I am able to, and that I am allowed to, and give you a grounding before you leave.

We are tentatively planning another trip for them to UK next year in June, but this is very much for demonstration and promotional purposes. Only a *flavour* of the training can be given during one or two seminars.

Master Tian or son and Yao Guo Qing would also like to conduct non-profit trips to other areas of the world to promote the 2nd generation Yang Family training knowledge, especially next to Singapore and Malaysia. So if anyone would like to be considered as sponsor for this or other trips please contact me. It was by doing this that my contact was established with them last year. It has been very strongly stipulated to me that these trips are not an acquisitive exercise either financially or in *getting* students. The knowledge being shown is very much for educational and historic purposes in order to promote the Tian family contribution to Tai-Chi and Yang Jian Hou's legacy. To see and participate in 2nd generation Yang Family training that was thought to be lost is a privilege and a pleasure. The stipulation is that there should be no payment to them, only costs, and that the sponsor should not consider this to be a profit making exercise. Your and their costs should be reimbursed by demonstration and seminar charges.

Thanks for reading and I hope we have some open minded Tai-Chi lovers who can take advantage of these gifts, given freely and with friendship. You will find at a minimum level that this knowledge will help your existing training understanding greatly as it gives new perspectives and angles not included in the modern Yang family 3rd or 4th generation or modern Wushu training. All other family styles will greatly benefit from their knowledge as well.

For those who don't know the Tian legacy go to www.art-of-energetics.com. And from the homepage link to Tian Family - Tian Yin Jia is 4th generation Yang Family direct lineage. His father was adopted son of Yang Jian Hou who was 2nd generation and son of Yang Lu Chan.

Just reply to this email if you have any queries or wish to express interest or book.

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Postby cheefatt taichi » Wed Jul 20, 2005 2:14 am

Hi Richard,

Very interesting. I'd like very much to sponsor them to Malaysia for the same purpose. How shall I proceed? Please advise.

Thanks a lot.
cheefatt taichi
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Postby Richard Dunn » Wed Jul 20, 2005 8:39 am

I have replied privately.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by cheefatt taichi:
<B>Hi Richard,

Very interesting. I'd like very much to sponsor them to Malaysia for the same purpose. How shall I proceed? Please advise.

Thanks a lot.</B></font><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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Postby goto » Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:40 am

I am interestint at the trip
Could you write more in details?

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Postby Richard Dunn » Thu Jul 21, 2005 10:33 am

From my latest communication I now understand they are also willing to take on singles or pairs (pairs are very good as you can work off each other in practice). These can be booked for any time as long as they don't co-inside with the group trips.

Group trip training for the week is £100 (approx $160).

As my latest communication with them says :- "total amount is around 9750RMB per student for 7 day stay with 5 days training, including return flight, accommodation, food, tuition, training site fee, for private trips individual tuition it is 120RMB per hour. We plan to arrange that the students stay and train in NanQiao (about 20miles south of Shanghai centre), so that my father can help to assess their level."

Again I wish to re-iterate, this process is not about acquiring students (neither for me Shocked)) or anyone), it is about giving knowledge that is not available from any other source. It has no exclusivity or finality, it will help anyone / everyone in their pursuit of Tai-Chi. There will obviously be time for cultural and sightseeing and shopping experiences. I find that if I buy well and haggle I can buy enough things to bring back in my luggage (if I go out light) to sell on ebay etc and pay for the trip.

Anyone can go on these trips. In this process we are all equal and if you are willing to promote this offer to others please do so, I am just the contact point not the Master.

So far 4 of the 6 October trip places are provisionally booked and two of the March. At this stage a verbal provisional commitment will do.

Reply privately - where are you based.

Richard Dunn
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