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The Ultimate Method of Breathing

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:04 pm
by ChiDragon

I have found breathing is very interesting and fascinating in the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. Breathing was always mentioned by the Kung Fu practitioners. Have you ever thought what breathing means or referred to. Well, here is my understanding from reading and experienced by following the instructions as described by many modern explanations in the subject manner. I have come to a conclusion about those instructions and called the Ultimate Method of Breathing(UMB).

The ancient Taoists in the orient had discovered how to breathe properly and most effective for the benefit of longevity. I was fascinated by this profound breathing method. I would like to share it with all my friends here.

Breathing is the essential part of life. When one breathes, one would like to breathe as much oxygen and retain it in the body as possible. Here was how I got into the research about breathing. When I was young, I had a breathing problem. Most of the time, when I talk I cannot finish one sentence all at once due to the shortness of breath. Therefore, a friend had introduced me to his Taiji class. It was amazing after few years of practice in Taiji, I can breathe much better. I was very curious to find out why Taiji worked so well and benefited to my health. As result, I had discovered that my physical health was benefited from the Ultimate Method of Breathing.

What is this Ultimate Method of Breathing?
Here it is. The key to breathing is to breathe deep, slow and long(深而慢長).
Expand the abdomen fully as the air fills the lung while breathing in slowly during inhalation.
Contract the abdomen completely as the air leaves the lung while breathing out slowly during exhalation.

Here is something what I had learned from the western modern science.
The purpose of breathing deep is to allow the diaphragm to lower downward, so, the lung can expand downward also to provide more room for the volume of air intake. In addition, breathing slowly is to allow more time for the red blood cells to collect ample of oxygen from the lung and distribute to the body cells throughout the body.

Does this strike you? The oxygen is the source of the essential life energy for the human body. Thus the body needs a constant source of oxygen to function. Wouldn't you think If the UMB was adopted as your normal breathing habit will provide more oxygen than sufficient for the body. With the provision of oxygen which is greater than normal, don't you think your body will function better than before. If so, don't you think that your physical heath was benefited from the UMB.

Re: The Ultimate Method of Breathing

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:40 am
by ChiDragon
The importance of breathing in Tai Ji. All practitioners should have a good comprehension of the importance of oxygen and how was obtained for the body's optimum health. Most people talked about energy and explosive force, but didn't where it came from. Perhaps, one should know about the importance of breathing which might clear the mist in the air.

The importance of oxygen:

The importance of breathing:
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