Breathing Technique

Breathing Technique

Postby Ricky2016 » Wed Apr 27, 2005 3:06 am

Hi. I'm a new member. I have been practicing Yang Family TaiChi Chuen almost more than two years. Every day I practiced 30 minutes with the 36 styles. Starting last week I had my air pipe tightness (hard to breathe smoothly) everyday. The symptom likes after a long hour jogging that causes you out of breath. If I quit to practice Tai Chi that day then I'll feel better the following day. Does anyone had the similar breathing problem while practicing Tai Chi? Or may it be I practice the movement wrongly but I learned the Yang Family Tai Chi from a Tai Chi School in New York. Is it possible that I need to have the proper breathing technique for practicing Tai Chi Chuen? Your answer and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Postby Audi » Thu Jun 09, 2005 10:41 pm

Greetings Ricky,

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Every day I practiced 30 minutes with the 36 styles.</font>

Are you talking about the 103-movement form described under the Tai Chi Info section of this site?

I am unfamiliar with the problem you describe. I generally think of the pure aerobic value of doing form as approximately equal to moderate-speed walking, depending on exactly how low the postures are and how "vigorously" the form is done. Tight breathing should not be a problem during or after, other than momentarily in some of the more difficult postures.

If you are panting during the form or shortly after doing the form, I would think that something is definitely wrong. Does this happen during other activities besides Tai Chi that require equivalent physical effort? Tightness of breath might have several causes, including potential heart problems like angina.

As for the breathing prescribed by Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun, basically it should just be long, deep, even, and calm. There is not much complexity to the technique.

Does this help? Perhaps others have had different experiences or have other ideas to offer.

Take care,

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