Tai Chi and Stress Relief

Tai Chi and Stress Relief

Postby JerryKarin » Fri Feb 16, 2001 6:03 am

Thought I'd open this up for easier access. See also a few posts under a topic by the same name in Suggestions for new Forums.
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Postby jimmyg » Fri Feb 16, 2001 9:03 pm

Thought you all might like to know that at a recent trade union education weekend run by the UK union UNISON on stress, a session on the benefits of TC was introduced for the first time.
The course was invited to take part and afterwards they disscussed how TC could be used to reduce workplace stress. I dont know what the courses reaction to TC was as I have'nt spoken to any of the participants (I will try to track some of them down).

However I feel it has to be good news all round if the UKs biggest trade union is promoting the use of TC as a means to help reduce workplace stress.

I also intend to track down the course tutor to see what the thinking was behind the introduction to TC in a educational course was. I hope to report back soon, if anyone is interested?
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Postby ken » Fri Feb 16, 2001 10:38 pm


You might want to try going to the Qi Journal magazine site and clicking on the topic of Taijiquan And Internal Arts. It currently lists an interesting article on tai chi in the workplace. The Qi Journal magazine site is



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