Punch to the Groin

Punch to the Groin

Postby Audi » Sat Feb 02, 2002 7:11 pm

Hi all,

Does the movement of the right arm in the final punch of Punch to the Groin differ from the punches in Punch Downward and in Deflect Downward, Parry, and Punch in any way other than in the angle of attack and the final height of the fist?

Based on a comment from Yang Zhen Duo in the video or at a seminar, I thought all three punches were identical, except for height; however, at another point, I had someone whose form I respect indicate to me that the punch in Punch to the Groin had a more looping trajectory, as if one were trying to finish the punch with an upward (or at least horizontal) angle. (I can see how this might make more sense if one truly is attempting to punch someone in the privates.)

I have also heard others (whose line of transmission I have less confidence in) indicate the focus of the power in this punch was in the upward-swinging eye of the fist (the flat surface formed by the thumb and the side of the curled index finger), rather than the face of the fist (i.e., the part of the fingers between the two biggest knuckles). Has anyone been taught this?

Any thoughts?
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