Miscellaneous Transistions

Miscellaneous Transistions

Postby Audi » Sat Feb 02, 2002 7:14 pm

Hi all,

In moving from Cloud Hands to Single Whip, where exactly should one put the right foot in relation to your previous Horse Stance? Should the ball of the foot or heel touch first?

In moving from Flying Diagonal to Step Up to Lifting Hands, should you move the left heel only right ward, or should it also move closer to the front of the room? In other words, is the movement of the foot that brings your feet closer together parallel to your shoulders or diagonal?

With the initial rightward waist turn of Carry the Tiger to the Mountain, should there be any separation of the arms, or should this await the later leftward turn of the waist?

Before beginning the spin in Turn the Body and Kick with Left Sole (after Separate Feet (Left)), do you set the arms before extending the left leg downward through the toes, or is this done simultaneously with the arms?

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