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I use the 3 video set purchased through ATOC for reference in my practice. It is my understanding that this video was produced in 1990.

My question is: Are there any details of the set that you now teach differently than the way presented in the video?

For instance, on the video, during right and left golden rooster stands on one leg, the upper portion of your raised leg appears to incline upward. During last year’s Portland seminar I was corrected (several times Image) to maintain the upper portion of my leg in a horizontal position. Perhaps this is a change in your teaching or practice. Or perhaps I am confused and remembering your teaching wrongly.

Another difference I see is that at the conclusion of the spinning turn just before Turn and Kick with Left Sole (after the separation of right and left foot kicks), your foot touched the ground on the video. But during the seminar you taught keeping the left leg up.

Please understand that these are not criticisms in any way. I am merely interested in the reasons for these subtle differences, and hope to learn from them. Are there any other details that you now teach differently?

Larry C.
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Postby JerryKarin » Thu Mar 15, 2001 12:07 am

I talked about your question with Yang Jun yesterday. I will summarize his response here. He said that he is definitely not a machine, so of course he is developing. Quite possibly some small areas might be different now from the way he did them in 1990, but the big things probably haven't changed. In Golden Cock, the upper leg does not have to be horizontal, but it should not go too high, or interfere with the arm. In the spin you mentioned, it's best not to touch the foot, but it's ok to touch if you need to in order to keep your balance.
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