Tai chi , emotional body armour , reichian therapy

Tai chi , emotional body armour , reichian therapy

Postby jambonsambo » Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:52 pm

Hi there I have been studying yang and chen style tai chi for 2 years now . I am very interested in how and if tai chi practice can free emotional trauma from the body . It is my limited understanding that good tai chi practice can manipulate the musculature and release tensions held in the body which then come up into conciousness . For example a child may lose a parent at ayoung age and instictively tighten his upper body to protect his heart and to stop him feeling the grief . Later in life that person may start doing tai chi and this will loosen up the area bring up the grief to be processed . Does anybody have any experience of this ?is it something you have noticed as you have progressed with Tai Chi ? Thanks for reading please share your insights , opinions and knowledge .

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