Tai chi , emotional body armour , reichian therapy

Tai chi , emotional body armour , reichian therapy

Postby jambonsambo » Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:52 pm

Hi there I have been studying yang and chen style tai chi for 2 years now . I am very interested in how and if tai chi practice can free emotional trauma from the body . It is my limited understanding that good tai chi practice can manipulate the musculature and release tensions held in the body which then come up into conciousness . For example a child may lose a parent at ayoung age and instictively tighten his upper body to protect his heart and to stop him feeling the grief . Later in life that person may start doing tai chi and this will loosen up the area bring up the grief to be processed . Does anybody have any experience of this ?is it something you have noticed as you have progressed with Tai Chi ? Thanks for reading please share your insights , opinions and knowledge .

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Re: Tai chi , emotional body armour , reichian therapy

Postby Jaxi » Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:19 am

I have had extreme stress, where my nerves are literally causing me to shake all over. Qi Gong and Tai Chi does not eliminate this from happening, but helps reduce the negative effects of it, and lessens the length of such seemingly overwhelming states. Love gone wrong and severe physical or emotional trauma can often exhibit similar symptoms.
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Re: Tai chi , emotional body armour , reichian therapy

Postby ChiDragon » Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:28 pm

From my forty years of Tai Chi practice. It seems to me that Tai Chi is a form of muscular therapy. At the beginner level, Tai Chi starts with muscles relaxed in slow motion and the breathing improves. As time goes by, the breathing is getting more deeper and less shallower. Unfortunately, most people just ignore the most important breathing part. The deep breathing part has a lot to do with muscle control in the body. It is because muscle contraction requires energy. Where does the energy come from? Well, it comes from the foods we eat and the oxygen we breathe.

If the practice of Tai Chi was done properly, one would take a deep, slow and long breath along with the first move. Then, exhale on the next movement. The muscle cells will use the oxygen which stored in the tissues and decompose the glucose into ATP energy for contraction. After the deep inhalation on the first move, it will provide enough energy for the muscles to perform the movement. Then, next is to exhale the carbon dioxide waste from the cell respiration process. However, there is still enough oxygen left in the body for the next movement during the exhalation. The breathing cycle repeats throughout the whole Tai Chi practice. By the time the practice was done, there will be more oxygen provided for the body to perform its function throughout the day. Literal speaking.

The slow motion in Tai Chi practice is only use the oxygen slowly while a greater amount was breathed in. Thus the body will never be lack of oxygen or hypoxia. As compare to sprint, the runner gets tired in few minutes due the the depletion of oxygen to sustain the reproduction of the vital energy.

The vital energy works the same way for all the internal organs in the body. Two third of the body is oxygen. If ample of oxygen was provided to maintain the two third level inside the body, the internal function of the body will be performed to its peak at all times.

The slow movements and breathing in Tai Chi practice will keep the cell respiration active. If the deep breathing method was performed continuously through the day, even not practicing Tai Chi, the body will be very healthy and function to its peak at all times. One will feel a lot stronger, more alert and more sensitive in the five senses. Indeed, the desire in the sexual department becomes a most noticeable factor.
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Re: Tai chi , emotional body armour , reichian therapy

Postby Jaxi » Sat Nov 28, 2015 2:34 am

'...desire in the sexual department...' Haha, yes! It's amazing, the whole body is invigorated. The sexual invigoration is always a big plus, as sexual vitality boosts overall vitality when not being wasted (indulging in constant ejaculations). ;)
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Re: Tai chi , emotional body armour , reichian therapy

Postby global village idiot » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:47 pm

Last week we did a Qi Gong exercise which our instructor said was good for the reproductive system. I said, "Dang - too late for that!" and it was a full minute before the laughter stopped, our instructor still chuckling as he said, "Work with me, okay?!" :D

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