Chen style Push Hands

Chen style Push Hands

Postby Marc Heyvaert » Wed Sep 22, 2004 10:08 pm


Next Sunday I start an introduction course in push hands.

I give my students some reading material and so I have been going through the wealth of messages on this board. Thanks all for sharing your wisdom and experience, I have learned a lot.

I have this small chen style PH clip with Chen Zhenlei demonstrating the 8 techniques. They come in the (usual) order of peng, lü, ji, an, cai, lieh, zhou, kao.
I found ji interesting because here you can see CZL pushing into the corner. In fact the force vector from his right hand/arm that has the contact with the opponent and his left 'support' arm are 'squeezed' together to bring a third, resultant, vector into exstence, which is my interpretation of 'press'...

You can find the link on


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Postby Yury Snisarenko » Thu Sep 23, 2004 9:46 am

Marc, thank you for the clip.

I like CZL's way of doing taiji. His form is graceful and fluent. His books and demonstrations are explicit and profound. If I weren't so fond of Yang style I would practice his variation of Chen style.

Take care,

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