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Postby denipink » Wed Jun 11, 2003 3:10 pm

Hello Again Peter,

Hope you are having a lovely day. Here East of Toronto, in Oshawa, Ontario is bright and beautiful and warm. So very pleasant!

I am writing to ask you if you would be interested in reading the first draft of my Tai Chi book? This is an ebook that will be accompanied by a sound track to teach those wishing to learn on their own, whether that be in their homes or elsewhere. So, the idea is the book is the teacher. Interesting concept for an intricate art form that I am told should only be taught by a well-trained teacher and master or even grandmaster for the very best results! Understand, though, this is not my idea -- I am the writer and the buyer gave me specifications to write from. I only follow the leader in this case. I did do extensive research and read and read and borrowed good books from the library and video tapes and then, Voila! I handed in my very rough first draft.

Now the buyer, his name is Ken Bailey, has asked me to ask people to please read the proposed ebook to be reviewed and critiqued, to be included as testimony published in his ebook. It is scheduled to be published mid-July, I believe.

Would this interest you? I have written approximately 112 pages. There will be another 20 pages or so more added once we acquire all of the illustrations. My boss, the lady I work for, is doing this part.

Let me know if you would like to read thru "The Magic of Tai Chi," even glancing thru would be fine I would think. I am sure my buyer would be very happy to have someone of your calibre in experience and knowledge give an actual opinion where you do know what you are talking about. If you wish, I would happily gift you with a published copy of the book and accompanied CD voice part as a thank you for reading the ebook and sharing your personal review or testimony.

Thank you Peter, I look forward to hearing from you. Denise Image
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Postby denipink » Wed Jun 11, 2003 4:05 pm

Hello, I need to purchase illustrations for the Yang 24 form for traditional Peking Version. Can someone direct me to where I can view these forms illustrated online?

Also, can you kindly direct me to see where the Yang short and long forms are well illustrated online?

Thank you, Denise
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Postby NAMASTA » Thu Jul 10, 2003 7:50 am

Hello Denise,
A couple of comments/reactions to this interesting thread:
- on the topic of whether one can learn by oneself or needs a teacher, read this interesting article by Dr Jahnke:
Ironically, Dr Jahnke also published a book advocating self-healing.
You can find it here:
- on your question of where you can find illustrations: you may want to contact existing teachers, or you may be able to buy pictures from websites like

We hope this is helpful to you.

Good luck! - when will your book be published?

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