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New Translation: Chinese

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Welcome to Our New Members


I would like to welcome all new members who have recently joined our international association. Thank you for joining us and welcome to our tai chi family! I am happy you have chosen to join us and hope that you feel welcome and receive great value from your membership.
I hope that all members will have a long and fulfilling relationship with our association. For those members who have been with us through the years, I appreciate that you have chosen to stay with us as we continue to spread tai chi chuan worldwide to help humankind.

Grandmaster Yang Jun


Grand Opening in Shanxi, China

On December 3, 2017, a grand opening was held for the new Shanxi Yang Family Tai Chi Center in Taiyuan, China. The day before the grand opening, Grandmaster Yang Jun led a morning tai chi practice in Yingze Park. Afterwards, he answered questions from students.


At the grand opening of the new Shanxi center, Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo was the first person to walk through its door. Incense was lit to honor Yang family ancestors.

Many people attended the grand opening celebration, including Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo and his wife. The celebration included speeches and entertainment enjoyed by everyone.



Grandmaster Yang Jun was invited to lead a training seminar December 4-6 at the new Shanxi center. Center Director: Liang Xiufang



Recognition for IYFTCCA

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan was featured as a final sub-event at the Sanya Nanshan 2nd World Tai Chi Cultural Festival in China in September 2017. Our association was awarded a certificate recognizing us as a tai chi organization of worldwide influence.

Fall 2017 (Issue 41) IYFTCCA Journal Published

Our Fall 2017 (Issue 41) IYFTCCA Journal was recently published and is in the members-only area of our website. This issue has a special tribute to Dave Barrett, our journal editor who passed away in July and includes many photos of Dave. The journal also has great articles to help you improve your tai chi chuan practice. Congratulations to Edward Moore on his first issue as journal editor.

Teacher Training Methods (TTM-1) Workshop

Teacher Training Methods-1 (TTM-1) training seminar took place October 6-8, 2017 in Danbury, CT. The training focused on the 10-Movement Form, pedagogy, and push hands. Master Han Hoong Wang taught the 10-Movement Form and Push Hands Fundamentals. TTM Pedagogy was taught by Holly Sweeney-Hillman and Bill Walsh; Advanced Push Hands Pedagogy, by Audi Peal.


Judges and Ranking Workshop

A Judges/Ranking Training Workshop was organized by the North American Teacher Academy and held in Gladstone, NJ on November 4, 2017.  Participants learned operation and management of ranking events, as well as scoring procedures. Thank you to our workshop instructor, Pat Rice.


Educational Presentations in China - September 2017

In September 2017, Grandmaster Yang Jun gave educational presentations on tai chi chuan for the general public in the cities of Linfen, Datong, and Taiyuan.



Grandmaster Yang Jun's Seminar Schedule

Attend a seminar with Grandmaster Yang Jun!


Seminar in Yuncheng, China - September 2017

Grandmaster Yang Jun taught a hand form seminar in Yuncheng, China September 9-11. The seminar was organized by Zhou Yazhen and Zhai Chaofeng.



Instructor Training Seminar - Beijing, China

In September 2017, an Instructor Training seminar was held at our association's Beijing headquarters.


Seminar in Zibo, China - September 2017

Zibo Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center held a push hands seminar with Grandmaster Yang Jun September 23-25. Center Director: Liu Sen


Instructors Seminar - Rome, Italy

From October 13-15, 2017 we had the pleasure of hosting Grandmaster Yang Jun who taught the 9th International Tai Chi Chuan Seminar in Europe, for instructors of the IYFTCCA. The seminar took place a short distance from Rome near beautiful Lake Albano. The seminar was great! We all enjoyed practicing the new form created by Grandmaster Yang Jun: "Yang Family Tai Chi Essential Form". The seminar helped deepen our theoretical understanding of tai chi chuan and clarify what areas of study are important to work on to deepen and improve our tai chi practice.

I heartily thank Grandmaster Yang Jun for all his teaching and the great support and help given to the Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Academy in Italy. I also want to thank all the instructors who have contributed to improving the quality and organization of teaching. And finally, thank you to all the students who have trusted us and chosen to study with our Teacher Academy.

Claudio Mingarini
Director of the IYFTCCA National Headquarters of Italy and the Rome Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center



Seminar in Toulouse, France - October 2017

Toulouse Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center held a hand form seminar with Grandmaster Yang Jun October 21-23.  Center Director: Thierry Huguet


Seminar in Sao Paulo, Brazil - November 2017

Sao Paulo YCF Tai Chi Chuan Center welcomed Grandmaster Yang Jun in November for a 16-Form seminar, Instructors seminar, and Hand Form seminar. Center Directors: Angela Soci and Roque Severino




Tai Chi Performance in Kunming, China

In October 2017, members of the Kunming Yang Chengfu Center gave a performance of tai chi chuan at the Double Ninth Festival event. Center Director: Fang Hong



Michigan YCF Tai Chi Chuan Center

It has been a beautiful, golden fall in Michigan, USA. On September 30, we celebrated Michigan Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center's 22nd anniversary (September 21, 1995) and Michigan Tai Chi Center's 30th anniversary (1987 - 2017)!  We gathered at Lake St. Clair Metropark in Harrison Township, MI to perform the Yang Family 10-Movement Form together.  Center Director: Han Hoong Wang


On October 14, we joined tai chi groups from Michigan and Canada in the Great Lakes Taiji Performance Festival in Novi, MI.

On November 5, we had our annual ranking event in the morning. In the afternoon we were invited to perform in the US-China Cultural Art Festival, “Magnificent China” in Dearborn, MI.


Seminar with Giuseppe Turturo - Switzerland

Giuseppe Turturo, disciple of Grandmaster Yang Jun traveled to Switzerland to teach a 10-Movement Form seminar October 7-8, 2017 at La Vallée de Joux, near Lausanne. The seminar was organized by the Lausanne YCF Center. Participants appreciated Giuseppe's very detailed teaching of the 10-Movement Form which helped everyone understand tai chi at a deeper level. Thank you Giuseppe!  Center Director: Robert Irrausch


Seminar at Tai Chi Yukon with Eric Madsen

Tai Chi Yukon in northern Canada welcomed Eric Madsen November 3-5 for a 10-Movement Form and push hands seminar. Eric is a disciple of Grandmaster Yang Jun. Participants enjoyed Eric's engaging teaching style and everyone enjoyed the seminar and deepened their knowledge of tai chi chuan. Yukon Group: Pam Boyde



Ribeirão Preto YCF Tai Chi Chuan Center Ranking Event - Brazil

The Ribeirão Preto Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center in Brazil held a ranking event on October 1, 2017. Thank you to all participants and judges.  Rankings awarded: 7 Copper Eagles (Rank 1), 1 Silver Eagle (Rank 2), 1 Gold Eagle (Rank 3), and 1 Copper Tiger (Rank 4). Center Director: Fernando De Lazzari



Wude School of Tai Chi Chuan Ranking Event - Argentina

The Wude School of Tai Chi Chuan (Affiliated School) in Rosario, Argentina held a ranking event on October 29, 2017. Three students took Jie 1 rank. Five students took Ranks 1 and 3. Thank you to the judges, participants, and school director Rubén Coirini. Congratulations to the following students for  passing their exams:

Jie 1: Maricruz Gil, Julián Salice and Rafael Barbagelata
Copper Eagle (Rank 1): Mariana Ingrassia, Margarita Stoffel, Maria Carolina Alassia, and Andrea Micaela Centrella
Gold Eagle (Rank 3): Fabiana Silvano



Madagascar YCF Tai Chi Chuan Center

In November, the Madagascar YCF Tai Chi Chuan Center held a ranking event. Ranks awarded: 3 Copper Eagles (Rank 1) and 9 Silver Eagles (Rank 2). Congratulations and thank you to our judges and all students who participated. Also congratulations to our two members Yolande Ma-Ky and Lucien Chan Kwong Chun who were awarded instructor certification. Center Director: Hugues Raharimanantsoa


Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Instructor Course - Brazil


BEGINS: March, 2018  
ENDS: August, 2019 
Classes one weekend per month every month, all day Saturday and Sunday.
WHERE: Ribeirão Preto Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center - Brazil
CONTACT: Fernando De Lazzari -
View more information about the course on the website:


Tai Chi Cat



Write For Our Journal


Journal Gem


Journal Gem

Over the years, Dave Barrett attended many seminars by Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo and took extensive notes on his teachings. This article combines quotations from various seminars as they relate to study and practice.
Master Yang Zhenduo Verbatim: On Study and Practice. (By Dave Barrett). Issue #25, Summer 2009, pages 28-29.

This article is available to the general public as well as association members. READ ARTICLE.

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